Why is it not recommended to use scented or medicated sanitary napkins?

Many girls like to choose some sanitary napkins with fragrance or medicine during menstruation. They think that this will not only remove the blood and smell, but also just be good for the body. In fact, this is a wrong understanding, and many people have been deceived by advertisements.

Facts have proved that sanitary napkins without any smell are the safer choice for the body. This is because a woman’s vagina is directly connected to the inside of the body and the outside world, and if any fragrance or medicine is added to the sanitary napkin, it will be passed into the body and it is likely to destroy the internal environment in the body. This is why some women develop allergies or vaginal itching and other gynecological diseases after using sanitary napkins with smell or medicine. Therefore, you must pay special attention when buying sanitary napkins every day. It is best not to choose sanitary napkins with fragrance or cooling type. This is not a good choice for your health.

Post time: Nov-02-2021