What is the difference between adult diapers and adult pull-up pants?

1. They are suitable for different people. Adult diapers are more suitable for bedridden patients. For bedridden patients, his (her) movement is inconvenient,

so the flexibility of the diaper and the inflexibility of the patient’s body after wearing it are low. It’s more water-absorbing, dry, safe and hygienic. It is better to use adult diapers for bedridden patients.

2. Adult pull-up pants are more suitable for people who can move. For those who can move on their own, pull-up pants are very light. Patients can wear pull-up pants during the day to exercise on their own.

Its shape is the same size as underwear, and it is completely invisible after putting it on. It has good water absorption, and the three-dimensional protective enclosure does not leak sideways, which is very

beneficial for patients with mild incontinence.

3. Their wearing and removal methods are different. The steps of wearing adult diapers are to first let the user lie flat, spread the diaper flat under the user, and wrap the user’s crotch with the diaper. ,

Adjust the position of the Xpress stick, open the two adhesive buckles of the diaper, and stick it on the stick, so that the user can use it with peace of mind.

Post time: Dec-18-2021