What is different unisex adult pull up diaper pants with lady diaper pants?

As we knew, when people have light incontinence, they will purchase some adult diaper pants to solve hygiene problem,

for old people, we normally suggest unisex adult diaper pants, that is more suit for light incontinence people,

they will have light incontinence problem or can’t be flexible activities, the unisex adult diaper pants has wide absorption core to absorb urine,

About lady diaper pants, the shape is peach type, that can be cotton underwear to fit your body,

for women, their body size will be smaller than men, so for young women, they have light incontinence or menstrual period, we suggest to try our lady diaper pants,

can anti leak the blood to leak,

at night, when you wear our lady diaper pants, the pants has 420mm length absorption pad, can keep dry surface at whole night,

for after postpartum new mum, also can try our lady diaper pants, low waist and high strength waist elastic ribbon, that won’t let you feel tight or touch your C-section,

give your good rest after postpartum.

Unisex adult diaper pants is more suitable for elder, they like bigger and loose underwear/pants, the unisex adult pants is very big and loose to fit your body, elder can

wear it as real underwear, and keep it to exercise.

Post time: Sep-30-2021