How to change a disposable pull up style adult diaper?

Grab a new diaper and place it up against the same wall from which you used to remove the old diaper. Make sure it is propped up against the wall, so that the back of the pant is shown to be on top of the front, and so that only the outer plastic isn’t seen.

  • Don’t allow the wearer to step backward quite yet. The adjustment of the diaper to the wall is a critical step in getting just the right fit of the diaper to the wearer.
  • Make sure the pant is hanging freely.
  • Allow a caregiver to assist if one is available.
Place a clean diaper in front of the wearer on the floor and open it so it’s easy to step into. The placement doesn’t have to be perfect, but it can help better acquaint the wearer to the placement of their new diaper.

  • Locate the back of the pant with the tag-like icon/strip mentioning the back of the pant. Notice that many adult disposable diapers will have a tag-like icon or strip that will indicate which portion of the pant is the back of the pant.
1.Have the wearer step into both of the foot-sized holes in one of the sides of the garment. But don’t pull the pant up the person’s legs just yet.
  • If you need to, you can pull the diaper up a little to help steady it, but pulling it up shouldn’t be needed often and too much so go easy on this.

2. Pull the diaper up just a bit using both hands in a synchronous form. The caretaker might have to pull the diaper up about an additional two to three inches from the default position, to ensure they can properly see the effective area of the diaper’s strip that might be facing them.

  • Hold both sides of the diaper firmly onto the wearer’s body as you pull them up the person’s body, the remainder of the way.

3.Make some final adjustments to the diaper’s containment zone if you see the diaper is not quite situated correctly or the diaper’s side ruffles near the zone aren’t correctly situated on the wearer’s body. If you don’t do this, it can cause the diaper’s chemicals to not “activate” if and when the wearer urinates into them (and thereby will allow the water to flow out of the diaper and onto the surrounding surfaces and that can cause a big mess).

  • To prevent leakage in the diaper, always remember to unruffle the sides of the diaper using one of your hands’ thumbs and pinkies, as you push the side ruffles outward a bit (no matter what type of diaper you wear (whether it be pull-up style or not)).

Post time: Mar-08-2022