Adult diapers: Unisex options that you can buy online

For people
‚ÄčThe elderly are sick in bed for a long time, unable to go to the toilet for a long time due to inconvenience of urination and defecation, the mother has just given birth, the blood is heavy in women, the menstrual blood is heavy in women, the operation under uterine uterine leucorrhea requires bed rest or those with mobility problems/incontinence, paralysis and semi-paralysis/movement inconvenient patient

1. Lay the patient on their side, spread out the diaper, and open the left or right half of the diaper farther away from the patient with the back piece with the film facing up.

2. Turn the patient to lie on their side and open the other side.

3. After the patient is supine, pull the front piece to the abdomen, stick the tape on the alignment line, align the left and right sides, and then flatten the elastic frill outward.

Care Tips:
1. Wash your hands with water and soap before changing diapers each time to avoid bacterial contamination of diapers on your hands. 2. Before changing diapers or after defecation, please clean the buttocks with mild soap and warm water and dry them. 3. Please change clean diapers in time to keep your skin dry and clean. 4. Frequently turn over the patient and perform whole body massage to avoid the occurrence of bedsores.

Post time: Apr-21-2022