Adult diapers make the elderly with urinary incontinence no longer burden

With the continuous changes in the structure of our country’s aging population, it has entered an aging society in a full sense. And adult incontinence products have also begun to be recognized by more and more consumers. Adult diapers are essential hygiene products for the elderly with urinary incontinence, and their significance is not only to solve incontinence and other excretion disorders, but more importantly, to avoid embarrassment and regain self-confidence.

According to statistics, the prevalence of urinary incontinence among men over 60 years old in my country is about 18.9%, and the prevalence rate for women is as high as 37.7%. The old man has worked hard for most of his life, and this problem appeared just after he was free.

Faced with such problems, children must be cautious and pay attention to the health of the elderly. So how to choose the care products that can bring comfort to the elderly and still live and live?

First of all, when choosing, choose the corresponding product based on the user’s age, status, etc.:

Whether the absorption capacity is strong—The flow rate of urine is extremely fast, and diapers are required to have a strong absorption capacity to prevent urine leakage.

Whether the surface layer is soft—the skin of the elderly with urinary incontinence is very fragile, and the surface material of the diapers must be soft and not hit the skin of the elderly.

Whether to prevent back seepage—preventing bed sore complication Bed sore is one of the common clinical complications. The course of the disease develops rapidly, it is difficult to cure, and it is easy to relapse after cure. Many elderly people with urinary incontinence may suffer from bedsores if they are not properly cared for.

Whether it is close-fitting and effective leak-proofing — diapers must be worn comfortably and close to the body. No matter whether the elderly walks or turns over, they cannot cause side leakage or back leakage.

Therefore, the diapers for the elderly with large urine volume must have strong water absorption capacity, even if they absorb a large volume of urine, they are still dry, which is very necessary.

Jiangxi Yoho Adult Diaper eight functions of diapers

1. Easy to put on and take off like real underwear, comfortable and comfortable.

2. Double cotton core absorber: focus on thickening the area of use, scientifically increase the absorption;

3. The unique funnel-shaped strong instant suction system can absorb urine for up to 5-6 hours, and the surface is still dry.

4. Use high-quality fluff pulp: high-power lock water, absorption to prevent back seepage;

5. 360-degree elastic and breathable waist circumference, close-fitting and comfortable, without restraint in movement.

6. Cotton soft skin-friendly surface layer: the part in contact with the skin uses a special soft fiber surface layer to care for the user’s skin;

7. Instant absorption and dryness: high-efficiency water-locking factor, which can quickly absorb urine to ensure a dry experience;

8. Double three-dimensional leak-proof: leak-proof side wall, leak-proof leg circumference, reduce side leakage, and effectively solve the problem of urine leakage.

Post time: Nov-30-2021